Recently, a new malware has been reported by a team of researchers which are found when some of the Android Apps are downloaded from Google Play Store. The name of the new Malware is “Vultur” which is kept after the birds that prey on dead animals. The most affected countries by this malware are Italy, Australia, the U.K and the Netherlands. The Apps from which they get access to the phones are mainly TikTok, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Vultur has been observed to be stealing banking login and password information from users of Android phones or other devices. This malware uses codes which actually displays a similar page to an original one and it screen records the information credentials input to login on that page.

Furthermore, it has been observed that the developers of Vultur have tried to enter this harmful malware into other devices via a “dropper” called Brunhilda. Additionally, Vultur makes use of Accessibility Services on infected devices which prohibits infected users to uninstall the app from their phone. 

Till date, approximately 30,000 phones have been infected by this malware and it is recommended that other users need to be very cautious while downloading any app and deny access to Accessibility Services when asked.

By – Hema Modi

Core Committee Member, WCSF

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