A New Era for Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a vital part of a secure and well-ordered digital world. World Cyber Security Forum can provide you with a good security posture against malicious attacks designed to access, alter, delete, destroy or extort your organization’s or client’s sensitive data and systems.

Security Analysis

We perform cybersecurity risk analysis that helps organisation identify, manage & protect data & information that may be vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Vulnerability Prevention

We recommend ideal cyber security services & IT software to help resolve each vulnerability and ensure maximum security across the organization.

Employees Training

We offer comprehensive security awareness training to employees to protect themselves and the organization against a variety of threats.


World Cyber Security Forum

World Cyber Security Forum (WCSF) is a globally prestigious cyber consultancy and web community that tends to create awareness in regard to various internet issues and goes as a wellspring of techno-legal information for professionals, students, teenagers & middle aged civilians around the globe. We are sharing cybersecurity expert guidance and insight, in-depth analysis along with the top to bottom investigation in the cases of cyber.

Securing your CI with cyber security

Every day, companies of all sizes, sedulity and business environs encounter the knot of cinching the security of their requisite systems and data. To meliorate these challenges, an association needs a strategic, well- supposed cybersecurity design to shield its critical framework and information systems.


What We Offer

We are a company that constantly provides our sincere services to our valuable clients. We deal in providing online cyber legal services. We are a team of learned & experienced cyber lawyers with cyber security analysts who help you in carrying out your business very swiftly.

Techno-legal Consultation

As highly experienced techno-legal consultants, we seal your business with effective solutions so that security never becomes a concern for you.

Cyber Victim Counselling

We provide free counselling to people who are victim of cyber harassment, cyber bullying, identity theft or other online crimes.

Contract Administration & Management

We provide our key service in administering and managing all types of contracts during the contract life cycle. By doing so, you will be able to reduce costs and risks.




More than 20 Thousand Members

Established in 2019, the World Cyber ​​Security Forum is a techno-legal community with more than 20,000 members and corporate sponsors worldwide. Interested in being a part of our journey?


Our Approach to Security

In an ever-changing technologically driven world, with continually advancing threats and risks, you need both agility and assurance. Our team has specialists in cybersecurity and law, which implies to provide you leading edge information, ideas and proven solutions to act with certainty.

Every organisation must take a proactive security stance that can slow down the attacker’s progress and identify their actions early. Developing a flexible approach can prevent downtime, avoid costly disruptive responses to incidents, and maintain business operations.

Cybersecurity Solutions for Corporates

Many attacks on your company can be prevented through password security, implementing good IT solutions and educating your team on data protection.

Building Cybersecurity Awareness for all

Building awareness in cybersecurity issues focuses on cyber incidents and how to deal with them. It helps to save time and provide increased protection.


It has been a great pleasure and honour to collaborate with the World Cyber Security Forum through a talk I gave on New Challenges in AI and Cloud Computing. I have been amazed by the willingness of the WCSF to open constructive debates and provide in-depth analysis on trending cyber-related topics. This experience was rich intellectually and humanely speaking, and I praise the commitment of the whole team in organizing high-level events and supporting their guests.

Dr. Emmanuel Goffi

Director of the Observatory on Ethics & Artificial Intelligence, Institut sapiens, France

When we think about cybersecurity, it has to be WCSF. They work in very professional manners and go beyond your expectations. I was invited as a guest speaker in Acuity Youth Parliament and I really loved their ways of spreading cyber awareness.
Shaheen Shayyed

Human Rights Activitist, Kuwait

World Cyber Security Forum provides regular updates regarding the internet safety and measures which should be followed by the people & leaving no stone unturned to make the internet a safer place to work. I was invited as a speaker to their session on “Implications of Cybercrimes on Women”, which was part of the symposium series on “Emerging Crimes and Problems Under Computer Laws”. It was wonderful to be part of such a prestigious discussion. Wishing them all the luck for their work.

Shikhar Tandon

Founding Partner, R&T Legal Attorneys, India

It was a great experience that I joined your webinar as a speaker. I enjoyed the environment of the session and the questions of the attendees. Also, the organization of the event was awesome. Hope that I will join the next event, thanks to the organizers and the participants.

Dr. Hossaim Elshenraki

Professor, Dubai Police Academy, U.A.E.

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