Techno-Legal Consultancy

We exclusively deal in Cyber & it’s related laws & we do extend our legal help in this umbrella. We provide our service or help to you when you have unknowingly became the victim of the cyber crime or attack & with our best services we suggest & implement some basic preventive measures. We will provide our guidance in dealing with the law enforcement agencies as well. 

Contract Administration & Management

Contracts tends to improve the working procedure of the company as it not just legally binds the other party but opens the door of confidentiality & trust over each other. There is no requirement to pay a larger amount for drafting or managing contracts anymore because we provide world class satisfactory service that is pocket friendly.

Cyber Victim Counselling

Our efficient team of counsellors & psychologists provide counseling to people who are either victims of cyber-harassment or identity theft in order to make them regain their mental state. If you are a company, we can assist you with the cyber safety & protection guidelines and resolve issues related to identity theft & sexual harassment at the workplace via internet.

Courses & Bootcamps

Our courses are elaborative in nature where we try to cover each & every aspect of the related topic. We have divided our courses focusing on beginners as well as advanced levels of information with different different durations. We also design tailor made programmes based on the requirement of the institution,colleges, universities, establishment, firm, corporate etc.

Cyber Security Training

We provide personalized cybersecurity training to corporate employees to ensure reliability, integrity and privacy of company data. For employees to detect & prevent security breaches, they need basic training on  different ways in which cybersecurity threats may present themselves. Our cybersecurity professionals offer flexible training for beginners, intermediates & experts.

Cyber Awareness Pragramme

In order to create cyber awareness & cyber knowledge we are trying harder to reach netizens at large to promote it. So, to complete this aim we brought various trainings & workshops related to the field of cyber domain which has designed after having a keen look at the practical approached world especially when technology is growing rapidly.


We Serve a Variety of Businesses & Industries

As a business improvement partner, we work with you to comprehend the key business drivers and challenges. This allows us to help you select the best practices that are ideal for your organisation and build resilience in the changing digital scene.

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