E-learning is turning into the need of an hour. Cyber Security learning is significant on the grounds that it ensures our critical information, individual data, licensed innovation, information, and administrative – industry data frameworks is secured from various harms & risks. The main benefit of opting e-learning is that it will enhance your learning skills & reduce the time. 


Dr. Bhavna Batra

Vice President, Amity Law Foundation, Amity University, Noida

“The study related to cyber law or digital law assumes an indispensable part as the world is advancing towards digitization. Thus, one of the arising patterns in the field of cyber law is the difficulties that are faced in mobile laws, lawful issues related to cybersecurity, cloud computing laws, online media laws and privacy laws. Cyberlaw is a critically significant practice in the legal industry. The career possibilities given by such studies & practices are splendid. Organizations are profoundly worried about their data and information. They are prepared to enlist individuals who can ensure cyber safety for them. So, during this pandemic, WCSF has introduced the “digital blast” which includes various vocational courses to promote digital laws & an ideal platform to provide the greatest information at a very nominal budget.”


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Courses, Workshops & Trainings

Workshop on “Cyber Safety & Hygiene”


This workshop will share in-depth knowledge with the attendee in regard to various cyber related issues & also discuss about its preventive measures. This is the ideal platform for beginners and even for all age groups who struggles every day in order to keep their private information and data safe & confidential. This workshop also plays a vital role for those youngsters who are fascinated by the cyber world & wants to opt it as their career option.

Certified Course on “The Information Technology Act, 2000”


While talking about internet related crimes we often ignore this fact that we have a statute dealing with various digital offences that are concluded by computer & its various means. This statute is known as “The Information Technology Act, 2000.” The main motive of setting up this act was to cover all the e-transactions & e-crimes & putting them all under the legal purview. The world is moving very quickly & being a netizen you should be aware about it so that you will be able to understand some procedural as well as practical pointers.

Certified Course on “Introduction of Cyber Security”


The usage of cybersecurity has already been exposed to the world as the growing cyber attacks & issues have raised this concern & people are worried about protecting their digital assets that hold a great commercial value & if unleashed then can cause high disruption. According to a survey report, 73% of SMEs fall target to the cyber crime in the world in 2020 & even individuals are also prone to various types of e-crimes like: ransomware, phishing attacks, online harassment etc. So, to protect oneself we shall be aware of the precautionary measures that can be taken.  Hence, this course is designed to keep in mind the complexities so that the people can initially protect themselves and their businesses as it will act as a “first aid.”

Certified Course on “Introduction of Cyber Laws”


Cyberlaw is becoming the need of an hour as the growing rate of cybercrime is a raising alarm that we shall take this issue very seriously as our sensitive information is tampering & might cause a great loss to us.  It’s high time that we as an individual entity shall understand the cyber-related laws & start practising them full-fledged. Hence, this course has been designed to provide an in-depth overview not only of the basic principles of cyberlaw but also of legal issues relating to e-governance, e-commerce, e-contracts & IPRs. It will cover 6 modules.

Certified Course on “Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)”


The protection of intellectual property is essential to foster innovation. With the protection of ideas, companies and organizations would take full advantage of their innovations and would focus more on innovative work. Enforced IP rights guarantee products are genuine, and of the great quality that customers perceive and anticipate.

This course is specifically designed for those individuals who are extremely enthusiastic & willing to learn about the IPR trends as the IPR lawyers who are in high demand & there are very few organizations who follow the practical approach towards learning this subject.

E-Learning has developed an interest during the pandemic time which is really invulnerable. As, it holds a similar significance as of the customary classes. In case, the people are seeking more additional advantages in contrast with the traditional classes as it has given the advantage to concentrate on the studies according to their own comfort.

Five major Categories of E-learning in 2021 that witnessed a hike are Language Learning, Higher Education, Online Certifications, Test Preparations.

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