With its three new cybersecurity services grouped under the umbrella category of “Microsoft Security Experts”,  Microsoft aims to enable businesses with these services to attain secure, compliant, and productive outcomes. One of the key reasons for launching the new service is the difficulties businesses face in creating and maintaining a security team.

Instead of hiring individuals, companies can consult with Microsoft’s in-house experts via three new services:

  • Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting: For organizations with an operational SOC (security operations center that need additional support from Microsoft and are interested in proactively hunting threats through Microsoft Defender’s team.
  • Microsoft Defender Experts forXDR designed to help businesses develop and grow their SOC.
  • Microsoft Security Services for larger businesses that want Microsoft to help them with onboarding, cybersecurity, and incident response.

Several existing Microsoft security services will be moved to the Microsoft Security Experts category, including Microsoft Security Services for Incident Response and Microsoft Security Services for Modernisation. The increase in cyberattacks over the past three to four years prompted Microsoft to launch these new services. Microsoft claims to have blocked 9.6 billion malware attacks and over 35.7 billion phishing attempts. 

Microsoft Security also detects over 35 ransomware families and 250 unique threat actors and blocks 900 brute force password theft attempts per second.  Microsoft’s top cloud competitor, Google, is also looking to expand in the space. The search giant announced its intention to acquire Mandiant for $5.4 billion in March. Microsoft was reported to be in talks to purchase Mandiant in February. Mandiant has helped government agencies and companies deal with breaches for years.

Now that Microsoft has new services, it must scale up to meet demand.

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                                                                                                                                    Written by: Shahid K P

Edited by: Adv. Sabrina Bath

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