The Indian government is planning to launch a new cybersecurity strategy this year. The Union Government has been working on the National Cyber ​​Security Strategy for many years which will soon come in public and the world will be looking at how the strategy will change. National Cyber ​​Security Coordinator Lt Gen (Retd.) Rajesh Pant said that in The Indian Public Affairs Council event that the government will release a new security plan this year (PAFI). He said that the policy would cover the entire Indian cyberspace environment. He further mentioned, “The vision of this strategy is to ensure safe, secure, resilient, vibrant, and trusted cyberspace,” The new cyber-security strategy will serve as a guide for managing all sectors such as governance, national data resources, building indigenous capabilities, and cyber audits. This national cyber-security strategy will bring around 80 results. The theme of the Public Affairs Forum of India (PAFI) Dialogue discussion was ‘Cyber-Security ​​in the New Normal’. 

“The pandemic has raised 500 per cent of cybercrime cases in India and now India is one of the three most affected countries in terms of cyber-attacks,” Rajesh Pant said. Introduction of Cyber ​​Security laws are very important as India is on the radar of cybercriminals. As India has no cybersecurity legislation, this new national cybersecurity strategy ensures complete cybersecurity law. There are also a large number of threats from new emerging technologies such as drones and IoT devices. The government has come up with this new national cyber security strategy to ensure cyberspace is safe, secure, and reliable. This cyber law is eagerly awaited by the developments in India’s legal system. Cyber-crimes such as identity theft, phishing, and fraud, have skyrocketed over the past year. These cybercriminals are hard to prove. And so cybercriminals have been taking advantage of the dark web. This new national cybersecurity strategy could help reduce these types of cases. Hopefully, 2021 may see the government focusing on more effective ways of trying to combat cybercrime.

By Vedant Soni

(Campus Ambassador, WCSF)

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