According to a state bar press release, a public website that compiles nationwide court case information was able to obtain and show limited case profile data on about 260,000 non-public state bar attorney disciplinary case records as well as approximately 60,000 public court case records.

The State Bar stated on Sunday morning that as of late Saturday night, it seemed that all State Bar data, classified and public, had been taken from the website. A message verifying the same was posted on the site, stating that it had been investigated. According to officials, the website purports to publish secret court documents from other jurisdictions.

Since the disclosure, state bar authorities have taken numerous actions, including informing law police, employing a team of forensic specialists to help with the probe, and requesting an investigation from the organization’s case management software provider. They also stated that they approached the website’s hosting provider that posted the personal data and requested that the material be removed immediately, as the website owner’s direct contact details were not easily accessible.

Leah Wilson, executive director of the bar organisation, apologised to anybody impacted by the website’s unauthorised publication of non-public data. The organisation takes its responsibility to secure personal data extremely seriously and is doing all they can to rectify this situation swiftly and avoid similar breaches from occurring in the future. It states its intent to rush to make disclosures to anyone who has been affected. The agency has put up a webpage at to offer continuing updates and answer inquiries regarding the data breach.

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-Adv. Sabrina Bath
(Content Writer, WCSF)

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