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Our service agility has constantly been ratified & eulogized by our valuable clientele and after receiving so much love & support from them, we are putting some miraculous words of them for us!

It has been a great pleasure and honour to collaborate with the World CyberSecurity Forum through a talk I gave on New Challenges in AI and Cloud Computing. I have been amazed by the willingness of the WCSF to open constructive debates and provide in-depth analysis on trending cyber-related topics. This experience was rich intellectually and humanely speaking, and I praise the commitment of the whole team in organizing high-level events and supporting their guests.

Dr. Emmanuel Goffi

Director of the Observatory on Ethics & Artificial Intelligence, Institut sapiens, France

World Cyber Security Forum provides regular updates regarding the internet safety and measures which should be followed by the people & leaving no stone unturned to make the internet a safer place to work. I was invited as a speaker to their session on “Implications of Cybercrimes on Women”, which was part of the symposium series on “Emerging Crimes and Problems Under Computer Laws”. It was wonderful to be part of such a prestigious discussion. Wishing them all the luck for their work.

Shikhar Tandon

Partner, R&T Legal Attorneys

When we think about cybersecurity, it has to be WCSF. They work in very professional manners and go beyond your expectations. I was invited as a guest speaker in Acuity Youth Parliament and I really loved their ways of spreading cyber awareness.

Shaheen Shayyed

Human Rights Activitist, Kuwait

It was a great experience that I joined your webinar as a speaker. I enjoyed the environment of the session and the questions of the attendees. Also, the organization of the event was awesome.
Hope that I will join the next event, thanks to the organizers and the participants.

Dr. Hossaim Elshenraki

Professor, Dubai Police Academy, U.A.E.

World Cyber Security Forum has become an important part of our continuing education, specifically Cyber Security and Cyber Laws. Since COVID-19 lockdown, they have organised so many events, and their webinars and certification classes are relative, current and best of all. World Cyber Security Forum Keep doing great work.

Muteab ALotabi

Law Counselr, Saudi Customs, Saudi Arabia

In this internet era, where it has become a crucial part of our lives, World Cyber Security Forum is making it easier and safer platform for all of us. It offers legal information, advices, referrals and creates a cyber awareness among citizens and specially the youth. It also provide very good cyber security training. Keep up the hard work, WCSF!

Namrata Singh

Food Blogger, India (Instagram - @brushetta_basil)

There is an increased number of cybercrimes in the country, a proper education and awareness is required in the field.  WCSF has organised Webinars, Workshops, & solution to the problems through their platform and have been doing it from a year and promise to deliver the same service in the future too. Platform has been helpful to the youth the most, where cybercrime issues has been resolved and a great help has been offered by them.

Zakir Rehman

Founding Partner, R&T Legal Attorneys, India

The internship was absolutely a first-of-its-kind. It was enriching and enlightening. Cyberlaw is my favourite area of law and through this internship I got ample time to research and prepare the articles. The feedback given to the interns also enabled me to improve on areas where we were lacking. I can confidently say that I have learnt many nuances of law in Cyber Law after this internship.

Suditi Tandon ( Our Intern)

Chief Administrative Officer, CYBERTALKINDIA

It was a great learning process, I researched on some unexplored areas and there was a lot of exposure and a healthy environment to grow in. I even realized that I could possibly pursue Cyber Law as a prospective career option in the future due to my newly acquired interest towards the same.

Ms. Yashasvi Kanodia (Our Intern)

NMIMS Kirit P. Mehta School of Law, Mumbai

Great opportunity for anyone exploring the field of Cyber Laws. World Cyber Security Forum provides adequate complexity of tasks, deadlines and amount of meetings. Very inclusive team of talented people exploring different aspects of Cyberlaws, from the legal but also from the technical point of view.

Carolina Christofoletti (Our Intern)

Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

The conference was amazing, I loved the conduct and hospitality of the Secretariat.

Waris Aziz Akash

(Chairperson for UNGA, Acuity Youth Parliament) Bangladesh

It was a great experience as I had the opportunity to learn a plethora of things about the fascinating legal world! Thank you very much for everything!

Nikolaos Arkoulis (Our Intern)

University of Plymouth, England


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