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Certified Course on DPDP Act, 2023

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About Course

Data is the new currency, and privacy is paramount. India’s Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023 is a seismic shift – and legal professionals need to be on the frontlines. This doesn’t just about know the law, it’s about empowerment.  The DPDP Act gives us the tools to:

• Defend our clients’ rights in the digital Wild West.

• Transform businesses into responsible data stewards.

• Be the guardians of compliance, shielding our clients from severe consequences.

Mastering the DPDP Act isn’t optional, it’s our competitive edge. It’s how we become the trusted experts in this rapidly changing landscape.

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What Will You Learn?

  • The course delves into the DPDP Act of 2023, highlighting its significance in safeguarding data amidst the digital age, alongside the following topics.
  • Significance of data protection in the digital age and the necessity of DPDP legislations are explored.
  • Key terminologies within the DPDP Act are defined to establish a solid understanding of its framework.
  • Participants learn about the rights and duties of data principals, empowering them in data protection matters.
  • Governance structure outlined in the DPDP Act, including the composition and qualifications of the Data Protection Board, is discussed.
  • Core concepts such as the scope and applicability of the DPDP Act, and its coverage concerning entities and data types, are clarified.
  • Personal data processing fundamentals are covered, including principles, lawful grounds, cross-border data handling, and exemptions.
  • The importance of notice in data processing and regulations governing consent acquisition, as well as legitimate uses of consent, are highlighted.
  • Roles and responsibilities of data fiduciaries and significant data fiduciaries are defined, with an emphasis on understanding their obligations.
  • Compliance requirements and best practices in data protection, including reporting and record-keeping standards, are discussed.
  • Enforcement mechanisms embedded within the DPDP Act, including the powers and functions of the Data Protection Board, penalties for non-compliance, and the adjudication process, are elucidated.
  • Legal consequences of violating the DPDP Act are examined, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory landscape surrounding data protection.

Course Content

Introduction of DPDP Act
The Data Protection and Digital Privacy (DPDP) Act regulates data collection, storage, and usage, empowering individuals with control, imposing responsibilities on processors, and fostering trust through transparency and accountability. Topics Covered 1. Introduction of the Act 2. History 3. Significance 4. Scope & Applicability 5. Timeline 6. Key stakeholders 7. Case Study (Justice K.S Puttuswamy & Anr. vs. UOI, 2017) 8. Basic Definitions 9. Obligations of Data Fiduciary 10. Processing of personal data of children

  • Video Recording

Role of Significant Data Fudiciary and Data Principals
Significant data fiduciaries hold responsibility for managing data in accordance with regulations, while data principals entrust their data to fiduciaries, expecting protection and ethical handling of their personal information. Topics Covered 1. Obligations of Significant Data Fiduciary 2. Rights & Duties of Data Principals 3. Cross Border Data Transfer 4. Exemptions 5. Data Protection Board of India

Data Protection Board, Jurisdiction and Penalties
The Data Protection Board oversees data protection regulations, enforces compliance, and imposes penalties for violations within its jurisdiction, ensuring the safeguarding of individuals' privacy rights. Topics Covered 1. Powers & functions of the Data Protection Board 2. The process to be followed by the Board 3. Appeal and Alternative Dispute Resolution 4. Penalties and Adjudication 5. Power of Central Government 6. Voluntary Undertaking 7. Jurisdiction 8. Amendments to certain acts 9. The SCHEDULE (See section 33 (1))


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1 month ago
Good course, has given me a complete insight into the DPDP Act
4 months ago
It was knowledge gaining course.
4 months ago
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