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About World Cyber Security Forum

World Cyber ​​Security Forum (WCSF) is an internationally renowned cyber consultancy and web community founded in 2019 that aims in improving cybersecurity awareness and acts as a source of techno-legal information for professionals, students, and teenagers around the world.

We are sharing cybersecurity expert guidance and insight, in-depth analysis along with the top to bottom investigation in the cases of cyber. We likewise instruct individuals with the most recent moving cyber news & surveys. As a dedicated cybersecurity platform, WCSF has been catering unbiased information to professionals, on the countless security challenges that they come across every day.

Let’s pledge to make our digital world more safe & secure.

About the Blogs

We offer E-publication of blogs & articles in order to ensure that our reader will get more cyber centric updates & news on timely manner. The aim is not just creating cyber awareness but also making them realize the need of the cyber hygiene. Hence, we are inviting blogs. Please read further to understand the submission guidelines.

Guidelines for Blog Publication

This is the following criteria that is set by WCSF for the Research Papers:

Common Guidelines 

    1. The topic shall only be strictly based on the theme of Cyber law, Cyber Security & IPR. 
    2. Word limit is 600- 800 words. 
    3. Cross check your work twice before sending.
    4. Please follow the Bluebook Ed. 20th for citation.
    5. Plagiarism report should be less than 5% of the whole project.
    6. Original work be taken into consideration. 
    7. Kindly refer to our blogs & avoid taking topics that have already been covered under blogs. 
    8. Attach the plagiarism report or mention the name of the plagiarism checker software that you have used. 
    9. The font shall be Times New Roman (Size 12 for body, Size 14 for Headings & Size 10 for footnotes.)
    10. Italicize your font if written in any other language except English. Don’t bold your headings.
    11. Mention the footnotes only. End notes & bibliography aren’t required. Justify your text (Ctrl+J).
    12.  Use bullets only for pointers and small bullets for sub pointers. Avoid using “Numeric” bullets.
    13.  No page borders should be there.
    14.  The Page Layout should be Portrait and the margins should be 2 cm (All sides: Top, Bottom, Left, Right)
    15. The alignment shall be 1.5 for the body but 1.0 for footnotes.
    16. For writing case names, use bold & italic font. Eg: Shreya Singhal vs. UOI  and also mention the complete citation in footnotes. 

How to Submit?

Submission of blogs will be entertained through this form only. Please fill: 

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