The attack that forced the closure of an important U.S. pipeline was carried out by a group of criminals known as DarkSide who created a statue of Robin Hood for corporate theft and cutting people in need, two people close to the investigation said on Sunday. Meanwhile, it extended to the third day, when officials relaxed regulations on the transportation of petroleum products on highways to avoid disruptions to fuel supply.

According to experts, “Fuel prices are unlikely to be affected if the pipeline returns to normal in the next few days but the incident which is the worst cyberattack so far in critical US infrastructure – should be a warning to Georgia-based pipeline companies and other fuel companies from Texas to the Northeast.” Delivering about 45% of the world’s oil depletion on the East Coast was hit by the so-called Colonial Snare attack, in which hackers shut down computer systems by encrypting data, disabling networks, and demanding massive ransom on Sunday, As Colonial Pipeline says it is in constant contact with law enforcement agencies and other government agencies, including the Department of Energy, which is leading the government’s response. The company has not yet commented on the demands of the applicant.

DarkSide claims it does not attack hospitals and nursing homes, educational or governmental purposes and that it contributes to its contribution to aid. It has been in operation since August and, as the most powerful group of pirates, it is known to avoid organizations targeting former Soviet states. Colonial did not say whether he had paid or negotiated a fine, and DarkSide did not announce its attack on the black website or answer questions from an Associated Press reporter. Disrespect often indicates that the victim is communicating or paying. On Sunday, the Colonial Pipeline said it was launching a “program restart” program. It said its main pipeline remains offline but some smaller lines are now being operational. “We are in the process of restoring the service to other laterals and will restore our complete online system only when we believe it is safe to do so, and in full compliance with all organizational rules,” the company said in a statement. What they should be concerned about, as Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said on this Sunday that ransomware attacks are “what businesses now have to worry about,” and that she will work “very vigorously” with the Department of Homeland Security to address the problem, calling it a top priority for the administration. Unfortunately, these types of attacks are becoming increasingly common, we must work together with businesses to protect our networks to protect ourselves from these attacks” she added.

By Vedant Soni

Campus Ambassador, at WCSF

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