Internet of Things devices are most popular for easy lifestyle and user comfort, but cybersecurity remains a looming concern. The number of attacks on IoT devices doubled during the first six months of 2021, according to Kaspersky. Also, the security credentials of these devices are very low as they are often shipped with easy-to-crack default passwords and insecure third-party components. Sternum, a three-year-old IoT cybersecurity startup led by Spark Capital based in Tel Aviv, has announced the release of the first real-world attack simulation and evaluation platform. Spark Capital will enable IoT device engineers to evaluate their devices against some of the most severe cyber threats. There are lots of IoT devices with lots of safety options available, but they are still extremely susceptible. IoT device engineers find it exhausting to know the extent of the danger of their device, prioritize their assets, and select the best answer to scale back danger.

Many safety options provide protection utilizing frameworks like the MITRE ATTACK analysis framework. Nevertheless, no such framework exists for IoT devices. Moreover, the complexity of the threat panorama and the myriad of units make assessing the extent of the danger and selecting the best answer to guard the units a particularly troublesome process.

With its deep experience in cyber offence and protection, Sternum first recognized the 20 most crucial assaults in the previous few years and developed a platform to simulate these assaults and show firmware weaknesses, exploitation strategies and safety choices. Enterprises can then make well-informed choices about the right way to greatest defend their units. At their sales space, Sternum will show the primary assault simulation platform for the highest 20 assaults on many IoT units at their sales space at the Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress.

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Written by: Mohd Ibrahim Saleem

Edited by: Adv. Sabrina Bath

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