The Khuzestan Steel Company, based in Ahvaz, the oil-rich southern Khuzestan region, is one of the most notable enterprises in Iran’s steel sector, with a monopoly on metallurgical processes alongside two other large state-owned firms. It was forced to halt operations after being targeted by a cyber-attack, the latest in a slew of strikes on Iranian websites in recent months. Investigators ruled that the facility had to halt operations until further notice due to technical issues caused by cyberattacks. On Monday, the company’s website went down.

As per Jamaran, a local news show, the attack failed since the facility was shuttered at the time owing to an electrical breakdown. The corporation, established before Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979, had several manufacturing lines provided by German, Italian, and Japanese industries for decades. Service has been continuous, except for the terrible Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s that broke out when Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein sent his soldiers across the border.

However, crippling restrictions imposed on Iran for its nuclear program have compelled the business to minimize its reliance on foreign equipment. Steel is a significant industry for the government. According to the World Steel Association, Iran is the Middle East’s primary steel producer and one of the top ten worldwide. Its iron ore mines supply raw materials for domestic industry and exports to numerous countries such as Italy, China, and the United Arab Emirates.

Iran has been a hotbed for hacktivists, with significant instances like the gasoline distribution system paralyzing gas stations across the country, resulting in lengthy line-ups of irate commuters. Bogus delay notices have been sent to train stations in Iran. Surveillance cameras around the country have been compromised. Government-run websites have been hacked. Evidence of brutality in the country’s infamous Evin prison also emerged.

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– Aarav Gupta

Edited By: Prakhar Tripathi

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