Hackers allegedly downloaded around 190 GB of data from Samsung, comprising biometric unlocking algorithms and source code, resulting in a severe security compromise. The disclosure might pose a significant security risk to Apple’s competition if true.
According to Bleeping Computer, the data dump was first promised by the hackers as comprising a screenshot of C/C++ instructions in Samsung software. The organisation then stated that the breach included a secret Samsung source code.
The alleged malware included the source code for every trusted applet in Samsung’s TrustZone ecosystem, which performs critical duties like security systems and hardware encryption. It also appears to have included the activation server source code; biometric unlock operation methods, the entire source code required to authenticate and authorise Samsung accounts, and the latest device bootloader source code. It is also believed to include sensitive source code from Qualcomm. While the data breach was circulated via torrents, it is uncertain how much additional data the gang had acquired. It is also uncertain whether the hackers sought to get a ransom from Samsung, but they did indicate having demanded one from Nvidia in connection with a previous cyberattack.
According to Samsung executives, the business is reviewing the issue. The potential ransomware attack is the latest in a string of problems for Samsung. On February 28, the company was recently accused of shipping at least 100 million Android handsets with a security issue. Because of the flaw in the way cryptographic keys are kept in the TrustZone, hackers may be able to retrieve sensitive information from compromised devices. The company is also embroiled in a throttling issue, with software reducing the speed of over 10,000 apps but not benchmarking tools. Samsung has stated that it is preparing an update to resolve the issues.

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-Adv. Sabrina Bath
(Content Writer, WCSF)

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