Workshop on “Cyber Safety & Hygiene”

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This workshop will share in-depth knowledge with the attendee in regard to various cyber related issues & also discuss about its preventive measures. This is the ideal platform for beginners and even for all age groups who struggles every day in order to keep their private information and data safe & confidential. This workshop also plays a vital role for those youngsters who are fascinated by the cyber world & wants to opt it as their career option.

Topics covered under this workshop 

  • Understanding the Basics of Computer Machinery & Cyber Terminology with their definitions, importance, usage along with Role of Cyber in protecting IPRs, Cyber Laws in India, Position of India in terms of Cybercrimes, Meaning & Importance of E-Commerce & M-Commerce, Securing from financial frauds under M-Commerce & E-Commerce along with some real-life examples & much more.
  • Discussion on Digital Signatures, E-Contracts, Cyber Crime Investigation, Protection of Private Data, Various types of E-attacks, E-crimes & its preventive measures along with the types of Corporate E-crimes, Role of International Agencies in Cyber space etc. will be covered.


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