The concern and need for cyber security is been escalating day by day. A recent survey by Sophos states that ‘51% of businesses in America experienced a ransomware attack in 2020’. This is just a single statistical data, but similarly, these numbers have been increasing in the modern era since cyber security is no more secure!

It is always a crucial and challenging target to protect software and its other related things. Application security, web and cloud security also fall under this category. An application can be secured with several techniques, certifications, etc. However, it is always an important thing to understand that any tool used for protection against cyber attacks and hacking must have some form of cyber flexibility. For this reason, projects like OWASP play a vital role.

OWASP incorporates several methods for software protection like output encoding, communication, database security, etc. These standards of OWASP can make this cyber security definitely at good and safe levels. In addition to the same, there are some resources of OWASP which proactively help and analyze the security issues of the software. These are –

  • The OWASP Mobile Security Resources
  • OWASP Web security resources
  • The OWASP Dependency Task
  • The OWASP security knowledge framework

To conclude OWASP is one of the most trending and effective ways to protect software and cyber technology. As stated previously this is definitely a way forward for efficient cyber security.

-Chinmayee Kulkarni

(Content Writer, WCSF)

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