The new policy has been announced by the Information Technology Ministry of Pakistan. It aims to provide assistance and support not only to the government but also to the state and private institutions.

It came at this juncture that the country has accused India for using Israel’s cybersecurity spyware Pegasus software to spy on Pakistan’s President Imran Khan.

As per the policy, it will include new guidelines and institutional frameworks in order to create a safe cyber ecosystem in the country. Moreover, there are provisions for setting up a Cybersecurity Response Team, Security Operations Centers both at the National and International levels.

The National Cybersecurity Policy will create a strategy that will help in enacting an action plan which will be followed to achieve the objectives mentioned in it.

It will provide a wider amplitude to both Public and Private institutions which were earlier restricted within the bandwidth of Government institutions in the old provision.

Country’s Global Cybersecurity Index ranking is 79th in the world and keeping this in view the IT Ministry came up with the new policy. This comes also in lieu of the old provision, “Prevention of Electronic Crime Act” which was poorly implemented & administered. The new policy is likely to uplift the earlier statute and with the stringent implementation of rules, the condition will likely improve the cybersecurity administration in the country.

 By – Sarthak Dutt

Legal Intern, WCSF

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