Morocco has introduced new cybercrimes legislation to overcome the lurking cybercrimes. The country is facing increasingly cases of cyber-crimes, targeting specifically young men and women. The country has witnessed the spurt in the crime related to cyberspace which has posed a challenge to the digital security of the citizens. The young men and women demand ransom money by blackmailing them for the explicit pictures and videos provided to the abuser by the victims.

The Moroccan Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Wehbe said that the legal provisions are being introduced by the ministry to the new cybercrime laws to combat cyber-crimes, targeting specifically young women and children. The new legislation will be compatible with the Budapest Convention on cybercrime.

As per Moroccan Al-Ousboue Assahafi newspaper, the newly introduced law criminalizes and punishes all behaviour that affects the automatic data processing system. As part of its comprehensive review of the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Group, the ministry of justice, includes important enhancements, specifically for cybercrime investigation and research purposes.

At present, no such law is there in place which protects citizens from cyber-related crimes like spreading false news via social media, blackmailing, etc. The new law is introduced to serve this purpose while maintaining digital communication freedom at the same time curbing cyber threats.

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By Pallavi Singh
Content Writer, WCSF

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