Microsoft has always tried to draw people’s attention to using Edge. But the response was never satisfactory. Hence, with the same agenda, Microsoft has introduced a new feature called “Edge Secure Network.” Their team is now testing the CloudFlare-powered VPN service and says it will be launched as a security upgrade. To activate this service, first of all, users have to log in to their Microsoft account. Simply click on the three-dot menu in Edge and then click the shield icon for ‘Secure Network’. This will turn on the VPN and once done browsing, it closes automatically. Surfing the internet on anonymous networks can be risky. Edge Secure Network, similar to other VPNs, encrypts the link between the user’s device and the unknown internet connection. This is a crucial layer that is not present in public Wi-Fi networks. People who travel often face data privacy and data protection difficulties. Networks at hotels and airports are unsecured, which can allow hackers to misuse information. A VPN like the Edge Secure Network protects you from such threats. Microsoft has also noted that a user’s encrypted connection could be prevented from being tracked. The hotspot provider or ISP would not be able to monitor users’ activities. Although it’s worth noting that Microsoft and Cloudflare can still track user activities. The company operating the VPN ensures user safety. Cloudflare states that the user information (all diagnostic and support data) is automatically deleted after 25 hours. Microsoft claims that it stores only minimal support data and access tokens, which are only kept for the period of the required service window. The amazing fact is that this VPN also provides some location privacy. It does that by replacing your actual IP address with the one given by the VPN. This creates hurdles for online advertisers trying to identify the user while browsing.

Microsoft has a good offer for Edge Secure Network users. It provides 1 GB of free data, in an attempt to impress the public.

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By Sonali Das

Campus Ambassador, WCSF

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