According to Microsoft, as harmful content is being shared online and as a result cyber scams are increasing these days, there is a need for effective and proactive content moderation. Microsoft gave its statement that content moderation is one of the most important and critical investments for any online community to thrive which ensures positive user experiences as well as maintain engagement over time. Two Hat and Microsoft have used advancement in moderation technology, collaborated and shared their vision. Their primary objective was to nurture and protect diverse global online communities.

The relationship between Microsoft and Two Hat is long-standing and is an important evolution that combines innovative technology, research capabilities and includes a complete cloud infrastructure. As per the Tech Giant, a deep investment has been done which assists and serves Two Hat’s existing and prospective new customers, followed by a multiple product and service experience at Microsoft.

It was stated by Microsoft that as they have worked with a very diverse team at Two Hat over the years, Microsoft is inspired by the vision of the founder Chris Priebe. They are fully aligned with the core values of Two Hat which works to deliver a holistic approach for positive online communities which are thriving. Microsoft and its members stated that they want gaming to get included which will be welcoming for everyone.

Microsoft and Two Hat have worked together for the past few years and have made efforts to implement and establish proactive moderation technology into the gaming and non-gaming experiences. This is done in order to detect and remove the harmful scams or content before it reaches other community members.

Sharanya Chakraborty

(Content Writer, WCSF)

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