Meta (formerly known as Facebook) has launched a privacy centre in order to educate its billions of users about data privacy and how their information has been collected and used by Facebook. Currently, its usage is limited to users based in the USA and using Facebook on Desktop. The social giant said that it will be accessible to more people in the upcoming months and will be launched over more apps.


  • To educate its billions of users about the data privacy options.
  • To inform its user how Facebook collects and uses the information.
  • “To build a number of privacy and security controls across our apps and technologies over the years, our goal is for Privacy Centre to serve as a hub for those controls and privacy education,” Meta said in one of its statements.


  • Some of the features provided to its user are:
  • Privacy Centre’s current version has five modules: Security, Sharing, Collection, Use, and Ads.
  • Users can manage security settings by using these different categories.
  • It can be known how the Meta collects and uses users’ info through tools like “Access Your Information.”
  • Users can know with whom their posts have been shared.
  • Users can know its advertising profile and preferences.
  • Two-factor authentication can be set up. 


The users who have access to the current launch can find the Privacy centre by navigating to Settings and Privacy to the desktop version of Facebook.


Currently, it is limited to the number of people using Facebook on the desktop in the USA. It will be rolled out to more users and apps in the upcoming months.


Facebook has been under intense scrutiny for so long for its user data privacy. So, it tried to come up with the tools like Privacy Center to maintain the user’s trust in the social media giant and work more transparently.

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– By Pallavi Singh

Content Writer, WCSF

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