McAfee Enterprise and FireEye completed their merger, bringing the two cybersecurity behemoths together.

Investment firm Symphony Technology Group (STG) said that it would combine the product lines of McAfee Enterprise and FireEye into a single group.

In March, McAfee sold its enterprise security business to Symphony Technology Group (STG), a private equity partner to data, software, and analytics industry giants, paving the way for the two companies to merge.

In July, FireEye announced the sale of its FireEye Products division to a consortium led by STG, separating the company’s network, email, endpoint, and cloud security products from Mandiant’s software and services.

According to Bryan Palma, CEO of the new combined company, McAfee Enterprise and FireEye teams would be able to create an integrated security platform powered by AI and automation.

According to FireEye’s press release, McAfee Enterprise and FireEye will immediately begin their journey to deliver market-leading cybersecurity solutions to protect global customers. According to the company, McAfee Enterprise and FireEye have a proven and trusted legacy of delivering best-in-class technologies and expertise. A cybersecurity market leader with over 40,000 customers, 5,000 employees, and nearly $2 billion in revenue is formed by combining the two companies.                                                                                     

By- Shubhangi Kumari Mishra

(Writer Intern, WCSF)  

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