The guide by CNIL is a landmark step towards the cyber world and awareness. Data protection has become vital in today’s world and thus these essential steps by France prove useful to curb the cyber attacks and secure the data.

The GDPR awareness guide includes four key chapters:

  1. A presentation of the main concepts to know;
  2. A presentation of the main principles to be observed;
  3. An action plan presenting the main stages of compliance;
  4. Questions

Each chapter is illustrated by practical examples, which make it possible to facilitate the understanding of the main IT and Freedom principles by the associative structures of the different sectors (sport, social and medico-social, political, etc.).

Persons from all sectors can make usage of this guide and prevent themselves from cyber attacks. The guide states that 87% of French citizens feel conscious of the protection of their personal data in comparison to the previous years. The guide also emphasizes the importance of appointing a data protection officer for having check on these applications. The GDPR has come into the limelight as a repercussion of the creation of this significant and necessary cyber invention which prove a new era of the cyber world.

-Chinmayee Kulkarni

(Content Writer, WCSF)

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