India’s National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS) and the UK Government, in collaboration with British Aerospace (BAE)  Systems, designed and successfully conducted the Cyber ​​Security Exercise for 26 countries under the International Ransomware Initiative – India-led Resilience Task Force under the leadership of the National Cyber ​​Security Coordinator (NCSC).

This exercise was designed to simulate a large-scale, high-profile cybersecurity incident that affects organisations inside the country. This exercise was part of the India-Ide International counter-ransomware. The organisation of this virtual cyber exercise on ransomware resilience aims to simulate a large and widespread cybersecurity incident affecting organisations in a country.

The Cyber Risk Institute (CRI) is working to protect the global economy by enhancing cyber security and resiliency through standardisation. This exercise has been designed to support the mission of the CRI.

This exercise aims to enable the participation of the members of the CRI, support their mission and test their capacity to respond to a significant ransomware incident. The theme of this exercise was based on Energy Sector as Cyber Risk Institute (CRI), a member of the National Cyber Crisis Management Teams that deal with ransomware attacks on multiple electricity distribution companies.

NTPC is India’s largest electricity company, founded in 1975 to help with India’s power development. The power corporation confirmed it had suffered a cyber attack from an unknown source, as these companies are responsible for the network of power lines, underground cables, substations, etc.

This exercise demonstrates the benefit of sharing information and collaborating during a significant incident, providing opportunities for CRI nations to share their approaches to countering ransomware.

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– Mas Rohan

Legal Intern, WCSF

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