Each and every country in the world has been taking utmost efforts to excel in technology for the development of their nation. India and Russia are no exceptions to this.

The director for Special Assignments of Rostec State Corporation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NtechLab, Vasily Brovko asserted that for both India and Russia, technological independence of their markets is a priority.

According to the reports, India and Russia are heading towards Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security. They are planning intensively regarding the creation of these high-tech products which will benefit humanity. The prominent areas of development are artificial intelligence, robotics and nanotechnology and the pharmaceutical sector.

Along with this, since remote working came into the limelight during the pandemic, cyber threats also raise their head. Thus, to prevent these attacks, Zecurion, the Russian developer of the cyber security system signed a partnership agreement with the Indian BD software. The companies jointly planned some measures to combat cyber frauds.

In addition, with the help of Russian technology, there have been applications of the Video Analytics System on railway stations of India for more security of the passengers. Russia is also ready to offer the Indian market with a wide range of technological projects like 5G and 6G wireless communications which will be technologically effective for our nation.

-Chinmayee Kulkarni

(Content Writer, WCSF)

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