Google agreed to buy Mandiant for 5.4 billion dollars, a cybersecurity company, and this is Google’s second-largest purchase after the purchase of Motorola Mobility in 2012. Mandiant shares have closed up to 16%, with a current market value of 5.25 billion.

Google is interested in Mandiant to increase its cloud security and compete against Microsoft Azure. As per the information, Bloomberg said that Microsoft was also interested in Mandiant and had been in discussion to acquire Mandiant.

FireEye was previously under the Mandiant umbrella before the purchase was made, and this transaction has created a new pathway for both companies and separates FireEye’s network, cloud security products, related security management, and orchestration platform. Mandiant consists of Consulting and Managed Défense, including Threat Intelligence, Validation, and Automated Défense. Symphony Technology Group (STG) owns the FireEye Products business, which has taken significant steps in developing services for customers and accelerating strategies shaping cyber security’s future.
Mandiant organisations will be able to monitor assets for exposures and use its attack surface management capabilities to bolster Google Clouds portfolio, strengthen the company’s in-house cyber security resources, and enable intelligence. This incident also means that Google is trying to advise other companies to work on their cyber security and any potential cyber risks. Mandiant is the most significant cyber security deal and will be Google’s second-largest acquisition. As per the information, Google’s most extensive plan was to invest in cybersecurity and beat Amazon and Microsoft in the cloud, which will expand the security offerings in network security and prevent attacks. This purchase will greatly impact cloud providers, and both Google and Mandiant together will strengthen the security of Google Cloud customers.

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