According to the Slovenian Minister for Public Administration, Bostjan Koritnik, measures to create a standard, more resilient, and high level of cybersecurity across the bloc got approval from Telecommunications Ministers of the European Union. 

The newly approved measures also include a new directive called “NIS2” (the Network and Information Security 2), which is an expansion of the existing NIS (Network and Information Security) directive, first cybersecurity legislation across all the blocs of the EU. The NIS aimed to create a standard level of cybersecurity across the member states of the EU. The directive increased the cybersecurity capabilities of the member states, but its implementation proved difficult, which caused its fragmentation at different levels across the internal market. 

The main aim of the new proposal is to strengthen the security requirements and increase the robustness and incident handling capabilities of both the public and private sectors or, even, the EU.

Bostjan Koritnik, in a statement, also said that “The new NIS directive will play a crucial role in strengthening cybersecurity in our increasingly digitalised world, where cyber threats may have unprecedented implications on society, the economy, and democracy.” 

Once the new “NIS2” directive is adopted, it will replace the present regulations on the security of networks and information systems. 

By- Shubhangi Kumari Mishra

(Content Writer, WCSF)

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