On May 2, 2022, in Las Vegas at Dell Technologies World, Dell launched its latest Apex Portfolio, which was offered with Dell Apex Cyber Recovery Services. This is the first in a series of new Apex full-stack solutions that will ease the recovery from cyberattacks. The company promises to assist with data recovery and manage the daily cyber recovery vault operations. Protecting important data, detecting abnormalities, and predicting business recovery are some of the features that are available with Dell’s Apex Cyber Recovery. It provides a cloud-like experience and resiliency through recovery operations. It organizes the distribution of cyber recovery solutions through standardized configurations that give customers more confidence to recover from cyberattacks.

Chad Dunn, vice president of product management for Dell Technologies, said that they provide quality guidance and help customers enhance the selection of applications. Some of the special features included in the cloud experience include automatic detection of an anomaly, such as detecting compromised snapshots and data, and one point of contact during a recovery emergency for people who have subscribed. The key benefits include creating and using purpose-built technology with an air-gapped recovery vault, lining up the recovery strategy with business priorities, and making sure that all IT staff are well versed in the latest skills. Due to the amplification of destructive cyberattacks like ransomware, companies need to have a holistic cyber recovery programme to increase their cyber resilience. Dell shows offs its public cloud storage efforts and introduces the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Dell announced that it is collaborating with Snowflake and extending its software-as-a-service (SaaS) ecosystem. This step would help customers connect with data on-premises Dell enterprise storage. This can be done with the Snowflake Data Cloud. A new ‘Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery’ service for Microsoft Azure as well as Amazon Web Services (AWS) was also released by the company.

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By Sonali Das

Campus Ambassador, WCSF

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