As privacy is a paramount concern and is viewed as a fundamental right of a citizen in a few countries, January 28 is observed as “Data Privacy Day.”

Data Privacy has become one of the most determined topics in recent times, primarily through the increase of Cybercrimes in the wake of the pandemic. Because of the epidemic, our dependency on the internet has grown dramatically. From schooling to banking, everything started happening online. While using online apps requires users to provide their basic details like name, address, location, and sometimes bank details. 

However, the greatest worry is protecting the data of small children, youth, and the elderly, as they are unfamiliar with the internet and are easy targets.

Many individuals use Telegram, WhatsApp, Paytm, and other similar apps, making them an extensively used application. While safeguarding the users, the company provides end-to-end encryption to the individuals. 

As a result, the few features offered by tech companies and mobile manufacturers with the aim to protect and safeguard their users’ privacy.

Top 5 measures to protect privacy

1. Biometric Lock or face ID to unlock Phones :

Use fingerprint or Face ID to unlock the phone rather than just keeping a pattern or number lock.

2. Two-Step Verification :

Applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail etc. provide the 2FC with its users to ensure extra Security.

3. Disappearing messages :

Recently, Whatsapp has launched this feature to safeguard the users from disappearing messages after 7 days, once enabled. Telegram supports self-destructing messages (Another application).

4. Security Pin :

Other than the leading way to unlock a phone, use different security pins to open applications like Paytm, Google Pay, etc. It ensures that someone cannot easily access the apps even if they unlock the phone.

5. Forward limits :

WhatsApp has set a limit to forwarding messages just for five chats at once. It is to ensure the spread of misinformation.

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Polichetty Poojitha,

Content Writer, WCSF

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