Since the pandemic, there has been a tremendous rise in cyber threats and attacks over several workplaces. Critical Infrastructure has also become vulnerable at this point because these cyber-attacks have a huge devastating impact not only on the infrastructure but also on the global level. These systems are usually targeted as this form a chain for a country’s economy to sustain and become stable.

The critical infrastructure is more complex in nature and is dependent on various networks. The infrastructure is interconnected with one another and ultimately the use of technology is essential for it. Thus, it becomes a malicious place for cybercriminals to attack these networks. Its repercussion creates a critical issue because as per the US sources, ‘The failure of one critical infrastructure could result in devastating chain reaction’. Thus, in a similar way, these threats keep evolving and proper and dynamic cyber security measures must be incorporated to combat these threats.

The technology solutions for these kinds of issues must be flexible and amending as per the requirements of a particular infrastructure. Several OT networks play a fundamental role in the protection of these systems from threats. Zero Trust Approach stating IT and security teams to control this system is another way forward for the protection of infrastructure. Such steps must be initiated because if an economy is free from all the threats, then a country will sustain and prosper!

– Chinmayee Kulkarni

(Content Writer, WCSF)

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