Certified Course on “The Information Technology Act, 2000”

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While talking about internet related crimes we often ignore this fact that we have a statute dealing with various digital offences that are concluded by computer & its various means. This statute is known as “The Information Technology Act, 2000.” The main motive of setting up this act was to cover all the e-transactions & e-crimes & putting them all under the legal purview. The world is moving very quickly & being a netizen you should be aware about it so that you will be able to understand some procedural as well as practical pointers.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Tech lawyers are in great demand & the recruiters are giving priority to the certified holders only because the world is moving towards the technology & we have to understand the theory.
  • This course is a perfect stop shop for beginners who are excited about the technology-driven world & wanted to learn the legal aspects of Indian cyberspace.
  • This course will not just open the doors of new learning but also enhance career growth.
  • This course focuses on the “Learn & Earn” methodology.
  • This course is tailor-made & was designed after conducting proper research & due care so that the maximum learning agility can be drawn.

Topics for this course


Module 1: Introduction and Background of I.T Act. 2000?

This module will cover the background, objectives, history of the formation of I.T Act, 2000 in India.

Module 2: E-Governance and Digital/Electronic Signatures?

This module covers E-signature, Digital Signature, its process, Electronic Communication & E-governance.

Module 3: Certifying Authorities and E-Signature?

This module covers powers, functions & role of Certifying authorities, CCA along with the duties of the subscriber.

Module 4: Dispute Resolution under IT Act?

This module discusses the cyber contraventions with penalties & compensations along with Cyber Appellate Tribunal & Adjudicating Officer.

Module 5: Cyber Offences?

This module clarifies the difference between cyber contraventions & cyber offences along with the concept of jurisdiction & intermediaries.

Module 6: Miscellaneous & Amendments?

This module talks about various amendments in the IT Act along with the amendments in other statutory laws in special reference to it.

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IT Act Course

Material Includes

  • Course material will be provided.
  • Access to PPT & videos related to the topic.
  • Exclusive Half Yearly Membership of WCSF free for all.
  • E-Certification of Merit or Appreciation for all.
  • 1 blog publication for free (it has to complete the screening process).
  • 10% discount on other related courses for meritorious students.
  • Internship opportunity with WCSF for meritorious students.


  • Smartphones or laptops with a stable internet connection is required.
  • Basic knowledge of computers is preferable.
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