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28 May 2020
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29 May 2020

This news is a concommitant of a news that was posted on our platform few days back, titled “Aarogya Setu : Fascinating Phishers”. While there have been allegations of privacy violation on Aarogya Setu app , the government has come up with a new antidote to it. The government has put the source code of the world’s most downloaded app, with 100 million downloads in 41 days, in public domain.

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Making the source code available for the public allows experts and researchers to review and detect lacunae for the better improvement of it’s privacy features. On the one side where it will allow researchers to analyse the code thoroughly, open sorcing could also expose vulnerabilities to hackers.

The government has also proclaimed a Big Bounty programme, having three categories of vulnerabilities through which the code could be breached along with Rs.1 Lakh cash prize for each of these categories, for security researchers and the Indian developer community to identify vulnerabilities and improve the code .

Prior to the proclamation of open sourcing, there was a change in terms of service and privacy policy of the app, removing restrictions on tampering and reverse-engineering. It may be noted that few days back security issues raised by Robert Baptise created a turmoil among the cyber security authorities in India. So the move is seen as an attempt to make the process more transparent.

During the media briefing, Ajay Prakash Sawhney, Secretary, MeitY said “Even though that bill (The Personal Data Protection Bill 2019) is still in Parliament, we have actually implemented the principles of personal data privacy in designing this app”.

– Vivek Badoni

Member, Reporter’s Committee

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